Craig Wattrus


A website is a hard place to communicate deeply thought out decisions which are made within a set of constraints that are often unique and complex. This portfolio is designed to be a conversation starter elaborated on in person.


A PayPal Service

Drop-in Payments Form v2

Drop-in UI is a ready-made payment UI that offers the quickest way to integrate and start securely accepting payments with Braintree.

I worked on our web version as well as designs for enhancements on the iOS and Android versions.

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Developer Experience

As Experience lead for Developer Experience, I am responsible for the developer experience OKRs. The team builds sites and tools to enable product teams across the company to contribute content.

We measure developer satisfaction using a set of metrics which we collect through product analytics tools, surveys, and data from our data warehouse on API usage.

I am effective in this role because I can switch from researching with users to pitching to leadership, and contributing iterative improvement as an IC.

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Behavioral Analytics

As part of my role at Braintree, I set up the internal behavioral analytics practice. We set up a working group comprised of product designers and product managers to introduce data-driven decision making as well as promote adoption of analytics and experimentation tools, including Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Fullstory, and Optimizely.

Read about how one of our UX analysts describes her experimentation approach based on this working group and the behavioral analytics practice. Telling a Story with User Behavior Data

Figma Resources

4700 active monthly users
830 newsletter subscribers
50% newsletter open-rate

This side project has received minimal design efforts but has had over 10% month on month growth this year and a consistently growing newsletter and social media following.

I've experimented using Mixpanel, Oribi, and Google Analytics to measure small improvements.

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Vumatel Ecommerce & Website

Major South African Internet Service Provider

I worked with the team at Vumatel, including their Customer Experience Executive and Founder to develop a strategy for their internet provider store. I then workshopped the roadmap, design assets, and worked with their engineering team to implement their e-commerce store and marketing website.

The design, website, and e-commerce app are still in use by thousands of residential and business customers.

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Yoco Point of Sale

40 000+ merchants and their employees

The Yoco point of sale is paired with a Miura Bluetooth card reader and is used by thousands of small businesses in South Africa every day.

I designed the point of sale for Android and iOS. The two platforms offered unique challenges and opportunities.


The user base meant the app needed to be self-explanatory. Use cases like connecting Bluetooth card readers, keeping the readers charged, working through card declines, etc. required a lot of feedback and research.

  • Small business
  • Non technical
  • First time credit card acceptance
  • Risk adverse customer base


The full-featured Point of Sale app enables merchants to un their small businesses:

  • Pair bluetooth card readers
  • Accept payments
  • Accept tips
  • Send receipts
  • Manage staff
  • Access credit
  • Keep tabs on stock levels

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Yoco Business Portal

40 000+ merchants and their employees

A business portal which gives small business owners and their employee's direct access to real-time transaction data and insights.

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Work across three continents, 11 cities and 4 industries

Standard Bank Social Innovation Team

The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited is one of South Africa's largest financial services groups. It operates in 32 countries around the world, including 20 in Africa. I worked directly with the social media project team to move several innovation project ideas from inception to development.

The iOS and Android app concepts ranged from peer-to-peer payments, bill splitting to social funding.

Mingle Product Management

I spent six months at ThoughtWorks Studios in San Francisco working with their product & marketing team to bring new life into their product. Mingle was one of the first Agile Project management tools on the market.

Images depciting team members and collaboration

We struck the right balance of lo-fi and hi-fi design and prototyping with pairing on production-ready code. I also experimented with different fidelities of user research, from coffee shops and cowering spaces to planned out solution interviews.

mPedigree Gold Keys

mPedgiree was our first software delivery project at ThoughtWorks South Africa. I worked on this project from inception up until we were serving thousands of messages each day.

I worked directly with the client to implement this incredibly complex and efficient system preventing death and harm from counterfeit medicines across the African continent.

View mPedigree website | Article about project

Office Startup

My first project at ThoughtWorks was to join the team of 4 who had been sent to South Africa from the Chicago HQ to open up their first African office.

Images depciting team members and collaboration

Before opening the Johannesburg office, I spent two months in India at ThoughtWorks Bangalore learning about ThoughtWorks culture and project process.