Craig Wattrus

Places I've worked

I've been working on things on the internet since the early years of High School. I still love making stuff that people love to use, my techniques and skillsets have changed, but my heart is still in the same place.


Developer Experience Lead
2016 - Present

Researching, creating and communicating the strategy and roadmap for Developer Experience while delivering tangible value as an individual contributor working closely with engineers, content strategists, and technical writers. Editor for the Product and Engineering publication and Twitter.

I built out the behavioral analytics and experimentation practice in the company working alongside lead gen, marketing, data & insights, product management, engineering, product design and brand design.

"Craig doesn't let the role of Product Designer define him or the work that he does. He leads efforts for product and project management, design, engineering, and analytics. His confidence in his own working process lends itself to his ability to manage smaller tasks effectively, while still communicating a big-picture vision to other stakeholders. Craig has successfully taught colleagues how to use Mixpanel, how to manually code Mixpanel events, how to think through the design process, how to define project tasks, and so much more. He was also a key player in building the 2018 marketing site roadmap and establishing Sites team goals for 2019. Craig pushes individuals and teams to be bold and iterate on efforts to build an optimal user experience." - Whitney O'Banner (Engineering Manager Braintree)


Design Team Lead
2014 - 2016

Built the foundation for the current design team by hiring design team members, working with freelancers and agencies which cut across the entire business.

I worked as a contributor to many teams in the company producing design artifacts for all domains in the organization, including sales, marketing, product, and internal tools.

Spent countless hours with our merchants in their stores and on support calls understanding their business, developing feedback mechanisms, and creating a culture of user empathy.

"Craig helped us to build out and maintain a design team and maintain relationships with external design partners to develop design thinking throughout the company as well as producing design artifacts for all domains in the organization. Responsibilities include design for marketing/sales, operations, data/risk and the product & technology teams, hiring additional team members, representing the organization at industry events and championing UI and UX design for the companies new products." - Lungisa Matshoba (Co-founder and CTO Yoco)


Experience Designer
2012 - 2014

Joined as the first local hire in ThoughtWorks Africa. Assisted in building out the office, hiring as well as contributing to projects across three continents and many countries working with startups, major banking institutions, non-profits, and other tech-forward organizations as a consultant.

During my tenure, I also worked at ThoughtWorks Studios as a product designer for six months exploring new revenue streams for a legacy product management tool.

"Craig was our first employee when I was sent to start the ThoughtWorks Johannesburg office. Craig wore many hats during that time. He was of course the main designer for many of the projects that the office was founded on, but he also was the person that setup our internet connection, made all of our marketing materials, interviewed every candidate for hire, and even organized the delivery of a ping pong table. He is a person that understands that delivering value is what matters. Craig is creative, collaborative, and passionate. He is a rare mix of raw creative talent and practical/rational thinking. This enables him to generate ideas that can iteratively improve any project." - Patrick Turley (Head of Technology ThoughtWorks Chicago)